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The aim of our designs is to try and relay positive lifestyle messages that can be both strong and powerful, along with being discreet, definite and modern.

All Opus One T-Shirts are eco-friendly and are made from 100% organic cotton, Opus One hoodies are made from 85% organic and 15% recycled polyester, these products are made from premium high quality materials.

Featured Collections

Limited Editions

Limited Edition Collection.    Featuring one-off designs and concepts from guest artists available... 


Here you can find all our headwear from adjustable embroidered Retro Trucker Hat and... 

  • For the original Junglist!

    Wear your passion with pride with our exclusive Junglist 94 backprint t-shirt!

    Music X Fashion 
  • On The Hustle!

    From the street, we always Hustling baby! Show your colours and represent!

  • Family = Tribe!

    Inspired by tribes worldwide, this collection strives to bring a bit of culture into our lives!